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About Us

Pakistan Translation and Research Centre is the first online institute offering comprehensive facilities in the field of interpretation and dialectal as well as academic research work in Pakistan. With an objective of bridging the gap between corporate sector and professional translators, we aspire to become the largest in-house service provider in the domain of linguistics by bringing to the market a fusion of skilled translators and agile technology. Our expertise ranges over variety of areas including content generation, content monitoring and blog writing other than translation and research work. Our clients constitute of renowned national and international business firms and organizations.


We offer a wide range of lingual and media monitoring services to bridge the language barrier worries.


Translation is a tantalizing art. PTRC offers a network of experts from around the globe who are the masters of this art. With the accurately constructed sentences and right choice of words, our translators possess the power to make the text both per...


Interpretative communication among senior authorities, dignitaries, and foreign officials calls for meticulous, precise and prompt use of expression. Therefore, it is necessary that an interpreter from the relevant discipline should be hired for a pa...


PTRC offers content-related research facilities. For instance, you can approach us for preparing a report on the selected topic with an analytical approach. We also specialize in translating the final product to the targeted language.

Proof Reading

If you are pursuing quality work free of mistakes, then PTRC is the right choice to achieve this purpose. Our accomplished employees know how to tailor any document in a business form by crafting it in an error-free manner


For Monitoring purposes, we deal in: • Country specific monitoring • Event monitoring • Topic specific monitoring • Social media monitoring A group of highly motivated and dedic...

Content Writing

The focus of our content writing constitutes of following areas: • website • press release • article writing • blog writing • report writing • news writing...

Our Clients

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